Smart Contract Developer (Remote)

Preferable Location(s): Boston, United States of America
Work Type: Full Time

Smart contracts are the heart of the crypto ecosystem. Staked develops RAY (Robo-Advisor for Yield), allowing depositors to earn the highest yield from a variety of options, including Compound, Aave, dYdX, and the DAI Savings Rate. RAY makes it easy for depositors to get the best of DeFi without having to understand all the nuance of the various protocols.

We're looking for a Smart Contracts Engineer who can help expand and improve RAY. You will develop smart contracts in Solidity, as well as review, audit, and potentially extend code that has been developed by others. You will be expected to work closely with the rest of the team to understand requirements and ensure a quality deliverable.

Ideal candidates will have a deep understanding of how smart contracts work, experience developing ERC-20 tokens, and maybe even experience interacting with DeFi products like Compound, Aave, 0x et al. You should have existing code you can point to and the ability to communicate how that code is structured and could be extended.

We value clear communication, the ability to work as a team and an excitement around the future of crypto.


- Team player with the ability to excel in a startup environment
- Excellent communication skills and a positive, can-do attitude
- A strong background in computer science or related work experience

We offer competitive salary + equity + health care insurance benefits.

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